R+D Frequently Asked Questions

What is the support provided by the project unit in the design of the draft?

The project unit according to their technical capabilities, support in the design of the project by investigators, oriented on the requirements of the contest, so will also be provided in the preparation of the impact socio-economic of the project (if applicable) and in the elaboration of the budget in conjunction with the researchers.

Provide support to the unit of projects in search of companies associated to the application of projects to competitions in the associated form?

If unit projects support in the search for companies/institutions as possible associate in the postulation of projects, can accompany profile/idea presentation meetings to companies/institutions. However, normally the researchers may have potential partners to contact, thus facilitating the search for partners.

What is the procedure for the nomination of project?

The procedure to apply to the different contests will depend on the characteristics of these. It may be in some competitions the researcher who must apply in using a digital format through the contest system. Another modality is to apply by using a password that maintains the Universidad de La Frontera for these effects.

What documents are checked to obtain the signature of the legal representative of the University?

Letters of financial support, from companies and university. These letters must be in agreement with the financial support expressed in the project budget and the percentage of contributions requested by the sponsoring institution of the specific R&D competition.