Researchers Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the value of the travel allowance?



Full day (includes accommodation)

Full day

Academic holder



Academic (associate, attendees and instructors)






Non-academic staff.






2 who are entitled per diem?

Anyone that has a current contract with a project and that is entered or declared to the lending institution.


3. How is participation in a conference or Congress funded?

If the person who participates is an academic, it must request a background for yield and simultaneously request a Service Commission indicating "refund of registration fees". If the person involved is contracted to fees, you must cancel the registration, request a viaticum with refund of registration fees and then bring the invoice indicating the payment that will curse you reimbursement for the money spent.


4 how we proceed with the purchase of international travel?

You must have 3 contributions to agencies that are with existing supply contract, select one that meets the requirements of who travels, and then ask the analyst enter a SEC (electronic purchase requisition) to the intranet.


5. What is the period of a project accountability?

Depending on the Fund, these can be quarterly, half-yearly or yearly, as the agreement stipulates it.


6. What is a budgetary modification?

It is increasing in a certain amount the amount on an item decreasing at the same time that same amount in one or more other items in the budget.


7. What is a reprogramming?

It is the reallocation of dates of the activities of the project.


8. Can I request an extension of a project?

This is possible if the contest so they recorded it.


9. What is an incremental or pecuniary contribution?

It means the new costs that incurred by the beneficiary and companies or other associated entities, especially for the execution of the project, which will consist of money resources, species or goods acquired or leased, or contracted people, all specifically for the project.


10. What is a contribution not incremental or non-pecuniary or valued?

It consists of species human resources or existing beneficiaries and companies or other entities associated materials, made available to the project.