Inside the University

Apply for opening of current account and/or cost to the project Center.

Request the ballots of necessary guarantees to the Directorate of finance and then to dispatch them to the financier in the periods of time that it has established.

Enter requests for contracts to the intranet of the University system, obtain the signature of the interested parties, dispatch to the direction of staff.

Complete terminations of contracts and dispatch to the direction of staff.

Receive report cards fee and send them to the Directorate of personnel within the time limits stipulated by this.

Manage travel expenses and allowances of persons associated with the project, except the Director which must be coordinated with the respective Secretariat to verify the amounts of allowances, grants and study.

Manage the budget office funds to pay, refunds and transfers of money.

Login to the intranet of the University purchase requisitions and assist researchers in completing the return of weighting and the relevant acts, then dispatch these documents to the supply unit.

Receiving invoices from suppliers and send them to pay to the budget office or the Office of supply as appropriate.

Collect the background required for audits and take part of them accompanied by the Director of the project.

Complete the financial information of the project in the respective progress reports.

Inform the Director's budgetary progress of the project.


To financial sponsor (FONDEF; INNOVA, FIA, FONIS)

Pay the costs of the project in the periods established by the financier of the project.

Entering the platform of the project, if applicable, requests for equipment, infrastructure, software and books with the respective justifications.

Manage shifts, budgetary modifications on the project platform

Deliver the information required with respect to its financial performance, sample bank reconciliations, inventory, forms of incentives.

Send agreements of companies associated within the stipulated deadlines.

Develop the financial section of the advance financial and quarterly management report requested by financier and send it to this entity within the stipulated deadlines for her.


Associated companies

Make Convention and collaborate with the Director of the project on the management of the firm of the same.

Establish contact with partner companies to collaborate in the management of the contributions that these must be delivered.

Pay the contributions of the companies.


Associated universities

Coordinate with the person designated by the associate for accountability, swing and budgetary modifications.

Send monthly emails to remind the payment date and documents that must be sent to the financial supporting institution.

Report to the Director in relation to the financial progress.

Working with renditions of the partner, if the Director considers relevant.