The technology transfer unit is responsible for creating market value to research results through the intellectual and industrial property and transfer these to the market.

They are function of technology transfer:

  • Managing resources for the protection of the intellectual property generated and developed in projects with participation of the Universidad de La Frontera.
  • Implement and maintain the policy of intellectual property and Industrial and technology transfer to the inside of the University.
  • Implement and maintain the rules of intellectual property and Industrial and technology transfer to the inside of the University.
  • Participate as an informant in the Commission of intellectual and Industrial property.
  • Implement models enabling the appropriate transfer of technology and benefits from the projects and patents developed.
  • Channelled through INCUBATEC-UFRO research results with potential to become technological ventures, being responsible for the creation of new companies or technology business INCUBATEC-UFRO.
  • Assist and strengthen the negotiating teams acting on behalf of the UFRO in contracts and/or agreements for commercialization of University research results.
  • Participate in the negotiations of the intangible assets of the University.
  • Promote the competitive grants for projects of protection of IPRs, technology transfer and entrepreneurship.
  • Promote the territorial impact of the transfer through technological entrepreneurship.
  • Promote the transfer of research results.
  • Measure and communicate the impact of innovation in the UFRO.

The process of technology transfer, University of La Frontera.(*)

modelo TT UFRO


(*) Adapted from Siegel et to the.(2004).
Reference: Siegel, D.; Waldman, D.; Leanne, A.; Link, a. 2004. Toward a model of the effective transfer of scientific knowledge from academicians to specialization: qualitative evidence from the commercialization of university technologies. Research Policy, 32:27-48.