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Software for generation of Bovine Meat Production Scenarios with Grazing. Forecasts made with AGROMOD allow producers, stockholders and consulting agencies to complement their expert knowledge in the field of Pasture Growth and Bovine Meat Production with advanced scientific simulation tools, thus improving their effectiveness in decision making and counseling.


  • Generates forecasts for prairies and grassland growth.
  • Provides time response to fertilization of the grassland and climatic conditions of the specific area.
  • It plans the action times to invest in the pasture.
  • Can be adapted to any producer by managing prairie data (growth rate, yield, fertilization, climate, etc.).
  • Tracks animal groups, controlling weight and category change over time.

Awarded trademark.
Web domain protection

Representative inventor
Julio Ernesto López Fenner
Associates to R & D
Frigorífico Temuco S.A.
Cerro Azul Ltda.
El Coihue Ltda.
Partner Company to Commercialize
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